Why CoDeco

Transparent price · High standard of work

Standardised and detailed quotation reviewed by the platform

Quotations which are too brief may imply hidden costs. All renovation quotations paired up by Codeco will be reviewed beforehand to ensure that the project details, work period and warranty period are clearly listed to protect clients’ rights.

Market price information

Want to be ahead of others when it comes to market price? Simply use our online cost estimation tool to evaluate yourrenovation budget! You can also find your best fit from many of our case studies with price clearly indicated, or look out for renovation ideas from our blog .

An established partnership system to carefully screen contractors

Codeco has engaged over 100 teams of contractors and designers with at least 10 years of experience. They have all been interviewed in details and performed on-site visits.

In-house QC team to carry out spot checks for sites

為確保工程質素,我們自設 QC 團隊巡查所有施工單位。工程額 10 萬元或以上的單位,QC 主任會於施工期間進行最少 2 次現場檢查;10 萬元以下工程則有最少 1 次。

In-house guidelines on materials, works and acceptance

Our construction guidelines which cover building materials, processes and acceptance are collectively formulated by the team of consultants comprising senior fellows. The guidelines are objective and impartial and should be fully complied by the contractors on Codeco, otherwise they will be eliminated from the platform. 了解更多

Support Team
In the event of dispute during the renovation, the client and the contractor are often on their own. With respect to this, Codeco set up different teams to provide support through and through from the pairing up of contractors to the completion and maintenance work.
Renovation Consultants
  • Provide advices on how renovations can be done
  • Pair the client up with the right contractor and review the quotation
  • Our specialists help you communicate with the contractors and resolve disputes
QC 主任
  • Carry out site inspections to assure project qualities
  • 提供物料資訊,格價及買料服務
  • 安排供應商送貨及與師傅交收