Project Support

Our Team

Renovation Consultant

Pairs the client up with the right contractor and review the quotation for them

Customer Service Representative

Assists in communicate with the contractor and resolving disputes

Quality Control Officer

Carry out site inspections to assure project qualities

Material Expert

Provides material information, price comparison and purchase service

Project Support

Record group conversations, answer questions and resolve disputes

Create work schedule

Provide renovation guidelines

Prepare quotation for modified items

Project quality control and reporting

Payment management

Insurance coverage of HKD5 million

Provide material information, quotation and delivery service

Provide customer support for the maintenance period

Compensation for project delay

100% completion guarantee

Not only are the experience, rate and craftsmanship of our accredited contractors recognised, but more importantly, the project must comply with our requirements and guidelines. Our team provides support to both the client and the contractor to minimise risks during the renovation period!
Customer service support

WhatsApp group

  • Once the contract is signed, we will create a WhatsApp group consisting of the contractor, Customer Service Representative, Renovation Consultant, you and/or your family members
  • The contractor will discuss project details with you in the WhatsApp group, including decisions on the paint colour and ordering materials, and the contractor will regularly upload photos related to the project to keep all parties informed of the latest progress
  • Our Customer Service Representative will record the communication and provide support when needed. In case disputes arise between you and the contractor, or should you have any query, please raise them to us

Project schedule and floor plan

  • Once the commencement date is set, our Customer Service Representative will provide you with the project schedule for reference
  • For furniture items with a total project amount exceeding HKD50,000, the contractor will provide a floor plan with the placement of furniture upon CoDECO’s request, in which case no additional fee will be charged

Renovation Guidelines

  • All projects introduced by CoDECO will adopt Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines (CoDECO webpage edition) as the standard of workflow and acceptance. The guidelines are fair and open. Our Customer Service Representative will upload the documents to the group chat before project commencement

Prepare quotation for modified items

  • Some contractors may charge a huge fee for modified items, but with CoDECO, all modified items shall be agreed upon by you and the contractor before our Customer Service Representative prepares the quotation
Project quality control
The platform has a Quality Control (QC) team to inspect all units under renovation. For projects amounted over HKD100,000, 3 spot checks will be conducted during the project period at the following stages:
after the plumbing work
after the plastering work
during defect rectification

For projects amounted HKD30,000 - HKD99,999, 1 spot check will be conducted when the project is close to its completion.

You will receive an inspection report 2 working days after each quality control session.

Apart from complimentary project quality control, we also have a Quality Control team to provide you with on-site and enhanced support. Please feel free to talk to our Renovation Consultant or Customer Service Representative for more information.

Payment management and insurance
To protect the client’s interests and avoid the contractor collecting the fund too early, CoDECO has specific requirements for the payment schedule and percentage. Take full renovation as an example, the payment must be made in at least five instalments at
project commencement, plumbing, plastering, furniture building and defect rectification

The client shall make the payment to CoDECO in instalments as stated in the quotation. CoDECO will confirm whether the stated progress has been made before transferring the payment to the contractor

Besides, CoDECO will also purchase third-party insurance for all projects, with a coverage from HKD5 million to up to HKD30 million depending on actual needs.

Branded material and electrical appliance offers

CoDECO partners with a few branded material suppliers, namely Grohe sanitary fittings, Towngas and Schneider Electric. During the project period, our Material Expert will provide you with our one-stop service on product quotation, details and offers, and arrange for delivery from suppliers to the contractor.

If you have any questions regarding materials, or you have already got some ideas but are looking for the best price, please come to our Material Expert. Our Material Expert helps you compare the price and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each brand, offering you an alternative source of advice in addition to that of the contractor.

You can also visit CoCoMall (a brand under CoDECO) to shop for materials directly from our Material Expert at a more competitive price than from existing online offers.

You may find it hard to contact some renovation companies and contractors once the project is completed, prompting difficulties in maintenance and rectifications. However, our contractors are engaged with us for a long-term partnership, and our Customer Service Representative will still provide you with support after project completion, offering you a better assurance.
Compensation for project delay
CoDECO stipulated that the contractor shall compensate to the household for any project delay. The compensation amount is calculated on the basis of market rent of the flat or actual expenditure in accommodation, whichever is lower, and is capped at 10% of the total project cost. Clients don’t have to worry about losing money on project delays and late completion anymore!
100% completion guarantee
CoDECO provides 100% completion guarantee for all renovation projects. If no significant progress is recorded after 2 weeks in the unit under renovation and the renovation is deemed impossible to be completed within a reasonable period, CoDECO will arrange for another renovation company to take over the project. Any additional costs incurred will be at CoDECO’s expense.

100% Completion Guarantee is subjected to terms and conditions