Industrial chic interior design

Industrial chic replicates factory or warehouse renovation. It focuses much on the functionality, so walls and flooring often show the original appearance of the building materials. The engineering touch in the factory is another industrial chic element, so items such as exposed piping and steel pieces replicating machines are commonly seen in an industrial home. The fusion and collision of various rough textures creates an interesting beauty of the industrial chic.

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A selection of industrial chic cases

Kingsford Gardens, North Point Midlevel

Decorative architectural concrete and original wood touch for the entire flat

Having decorative architectural concrete walls and ceiling and floor and furniture in original wood touch, the flat is also equipped with metal frame glass, hangers and racks, which is a total dream flat for industrial enthusiasts.

Although the entire flat is constructed in classic industrial elements, the design still follows minimalism. The designer selects low-height furniture for this big flat to highlight the spacious feeling. The dining room features a special wooden wall and hosts plenty of wood wares. The wood elements create a warm glow and counterbalance the cold concrete feeling.

The kitchen is different from the rest of the flat. Multi-coloured patterned floor tiles are used, which give a bit of rustic touch. Find out more >

Kam Ming Court, Prince Edward

Light industrial chic for small-sized flats

There are heavy and light industrial styles. For a flat size of only 383 feet, the heavy industrial chic will create pressure to the space. With that in mind, the designer and the flat owner opted for light industrial chic, using white walls and window blinds to bring more natural light and space in.

The dining room in white and light wood tone allows more natural light into the flat, which is also refreshed by the big leaf houseplant. Hanging paintings, photos and stuffed toys in the living room also make it more lively.

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Melody Garden, Tuen Mun

A nostalgic industrial kitchen

The design of this flat resembles much of the previous, but the difference is a darker tone. The kitchen is interestingly decorated with vintage pale green mosaic tiles and monochrome hexagon tiles to replicate retro restaurants. Find out more >

Industrial chic design elements

Monochrome (Black, white, grey)

Monochrome is the base tone of industrial chic, where the three key colours (black, white and grey) complement one another to create different layers and contrasts. Having the monochrome tone paired with floor and furniture in original wood tone, the flat embodies the comfort of a warm home. Harmony in the colour scheme is key to industrial chic. Bold colours aren’t often seen in furniture, but different shades of colours and materials can enrich the texture of the design.

Original appearance of building materials

“Bare and unaltered” is a major feature of the industrial chic style. Therefore, the original appearance of building materials is often intentionally exposed or reproduced. Ceiling, flooring and walls in decorative architectural concrete is a good example, and exposed piping, chandeliers and hangers are common in design, often accentuated in black frames.

In short, raw wood, leather, metal, bricks, concrete and stone are common industrial chic elements. If you prefer a rougher style, you may consider distressed materials as in rusty metal, old leather and factory materials in its corroded appearance.

Style alteration

If you feel that the regular industrial style is too much for you, you may consider light industrial chic. Light industrial chic is derived from the industrial style but in a lighter tone. Light industrial chic tones down the rough industrial style with the alteration in various elements and tones.

The application of smooth surface such as matte, shiny or even mirrored cabinet doors balances the rough texture of industrial chic. The light tone balances the dark, mechanical industrial tone while offering a refreshing feeling.