About Codeco
A: No, Codeco is an online renovation platform to offer one-stop pairing service between clients and contractors and support them throughout the process. We also provide free online cost estimation, numerous examples of real-life renovation projects, various renovation offers and information.
A: The renovation processes are all different, and the standard of contractors within the industry may vary. It’s hard in general for an individual to see the whole picture. The Codeco team has vast knowledge in renovation and has been working closely with over 100 experienced contractors. We can swiftly match clients with the most suitable contractors according to their needs and back them up during the entire renovation process.

Learn more at:https://codeco.hk/zh-tw/whycodeco/
A: The office of Codeco is located at Room 401, Harbour Centre Tower 1, Hung Hom, dedicated for the operation of the company. We also use the office for clients and contractors to sign the contract, and invite contractors for interview. You are welcome to make an appointment if you wish to visit the Codeco office.
A: Codeco and the contractor are in a reciprocal partnership. The platform offers a channel for contractors to reach out to potential clients, but the contractors are not employed by Codeco. Codeco has specific requirements on the contractor’s personality and quality of work, and it doesn’t mean that every renovation specialist is qualified for the platform.
A: Codeco has a well-established selection process for contractors. First of all, our Partners Management Officers will interview the potential contractor to learn more about his/her qualifications, skills, expertise and interpersonal skills, and collect information of the potential contractor’s past renovation projects and quotation items for reference. The Quality Assurance Officer will conduct an on-site inspection at the contractor’s site to ensure that the quality of the works was up to standard. Contractors who successfully joined will be subject to a probation, during which they can undertake partial renovation works. The ratings on the contractor given by the client upon project completion has to be up to a certain standard before the contractor is fully qualified for projects larger in scale. Upon the completion of the probation, Codeco will continue to monitor the ratings on the contractor to guarantee the professional service standard of the team.
About quotation and project payment
答:好師傅的裝修工程配對服務,以及工程期間的平台基本服務,對客人是完全免費的。我們另設有平台升級服務,客人可自由選用。 師傅方面,好師傅會向加盟師傅收取服務費,以提供宣傳及工程支援,包括協助制訂報價單、為師傅拍攝工程後相片、檢視工程、網上及線下的推廣及宣傳等。
A: After your submission of the “ Free On-Site Quotation” form online, our Renovation Consultant will make a reply call within 24 hours to learn more about your needs and recommend contractors who match your needs. You can also contact us via the mobile app, Facebook, Whatsapp or our hotline.
A: Codeco adopted a self-service online cost estimation tool which helps clients evaluate their costs initially. However, due to the uniqueness of each renovation project (e.g. the internal partition of the unit, degree of depreciation and the renovation time permitted by the building), the contractor still has to visit the site for a more accurate quotation.

More importantly, the quality of a renovation project is not only reflected by a quotation. The contractor’s attention and attitude matter as much as the price listed on the quotation. If you allow the contractor to measure your place, get to know him/her face-to-face and let him/her explain the quotation in details, you’ll find it easier to be paired with a suitable contractor.
A: The renovation amount is paid in instalments. The first instalment is collected by Codeco, and all of the subsequent payments are made directly to the contractor. Codeco will purchase the labour insurance and the third-party insurance for the project upon the collection of the first instalment, then deduct a small percentage of the sum for retention money and service fee, and the remaining balance will be transferred to the contractor. Upon the successful completion of the project, Codeco will return the retention money to the contractor.
A: The quotation will list the payment due date and the total amount of the instalment. Codeco will help review if the payment terms are reasonable, then the client and the contractor will both sign to confirm it. There is not any uniform standard for making instalments within the industry, but the most common method is to divide the payment into four instalments, of which the majority of the payment is made at the initial stage and during the renovation, and the remaining part is made when the project completes. It is described as “4, 2, 3, 1” , meaning that 40% is made as the first instalment, 30% the second, 20% the next, and 10% as the final). Other alternatives are “4, 2, 3, 1” and “3, 3, 3, 1”. The first instalment is usually paid before the renovation commences, the second after the plastering, the third after the carpentry or painting, and the final upon the completion of the renovation. Besides, “5, 5” instalment is sometimes adopted for smaller projects with less amount involved.
A: The quotation will list the materials included and the materials needed to be purchased by the client respectively. In general, the amount on the quotation will include what people call “essential materials”, namely the cement, sand, stone, pipes, wires, waterproof primer, etc. The “surface materials” such as the floor, tiles, sanitary ware, faucets, hardware and door locks will be purchased by the client and installed by the contractor.
A: Codeco will review the quotation for the client to ensure the project cost is detailed clearly to reduce the chance of surcharges. Therefore, the final cost of the project matched by our platform would not deviate too much from the budget listed in the quotation in general.
A: You only have to enter the area of the unit in the online cost estimation tool, then select the applicable renovation items to initially evaluate the budget required. The cost estimation is calculated based on the quotation data from past projects, and we will update the data in the system from time to time.
About service process
A: There will be enough time to contact Codeco one to two months before the commencement of the renovation project. If time is tight, we can also make special arrangements for the case and arrange a contractor for you within one week.
A: The number of working days mainly depends on conditions such as the scale of the project (a full-home or partial renovation), the project content (whether it is necessary to order custom-made furniture), the rules of the building (some do not permit renovation works during the weekend), peak season and off-season, the number of contractors involved and the time requirements of the client. In general, it takes around 70 working days for a 300-500 ft flat to be fully renovated; around 80 working days for a 500-700 ft flat, and around 90 working days for a 700-900 ft flat.
A: Codeco’s pairing mechanism works on gathering the actual needs of clients, then comparing them with our database in multiple aspects to identify the contractor or designer who best matches the requirements. Factors to consider comprises the district and location of the housing estate which the unit belongs to, the type of works, the scale, the project and the time allowed. Since 2015, Codeco has worked on more than 15,000 sets of pairing results, during which we continuously improve and evolve our data pairing logic, as well as gathering more information from the contractor. By doing this, we aim to provide more accurate and fair pairing to help clients find the most suitable team.
A: Of course the client can appoint a specific contractor for the renovation. As long as the contractor’s schedule allows, we will try our best to meet your requirements. In terms of design, unless specified in the renovation case that the unit is designed by the contractor, the design of the unit is usually provided by the flat owner, and the contractor executes it. In general, the contractor will provide the client with renovation advice, but will not be responsible for the interior design. If you need to find a specialist to design and renovate for you at the same time, some interior design companies are also available on Codeco. If you just wish to follow the plan for the design, you can still entrust the same contractor to create a consistent tone; we can also recommend other equally competent contractors to you.
A: The plots are generally divided into three categories: floor plans, construction plans and 3D renderings. Codeco works with approximately 100 partners, including teams of contractors and interior designers with different expertise. Most of the contractors are able to provide the floor plan to let clients understand the layout of the renovation. Some veteran contractors can even provide the construction plan to show the client the construction details clearly. The 3D renderings can also be provided by contractors and interior designers who partner with Codeco, but additional charges may incur. Please consult our Renovation Consultant for more details.
A: We will provide support since the client opts for Codeco, and we will be around after contract signing, during the project, after the client’s acceptance and for any follow-up needs when the client moves in. When the client contacts Codeco, we will collect information from the client for the pairing of a suitable contractor and arrange an on-site quotation. Codeco will assist in reviewing and digitising the quotation. Upon signing the contract between the client and the contractor, we will set up a messenger group for communication between the client, the contractor and ourselves and be there to provide support when needed. We will conduct spot checks at the unit to ensure that the construction quality complies with the platform’s standard. In the event of any dispute during the project, Codeco will assist in the mediation and strive to keep the project progress on track. If the client has any follow-up needs on renovation after moving in, we are also happy to provide timely assistance. For a detailed service flow, please visit https://codeco.hk/en/standard/
答:為確保工程質素,好師傅設有 QC 團隊巡查所有施工單位。

工程額十萬元或以上的單位,QC 主任會於施工期間進行最少兩次現場檢查,第一次於工程進度達到 50% 時進行 (一般為水電工程後),第二次於接近完工時。工程額十萬元以下的單位,QC 主任則會於接近完工時進行最少一次現場檢查。

現場 QC 是以《香港裝修指引》- 好師傅平台版 為標準,QC 主任會於發現問題時要求師傅修正。客人會於每次 QC 後的 2 個工作天內收到檢查報告。
A: If the client has questions about the quality of the construction performed by the contractor, he/she can request the Codeco quality assurance team to follow up on site during the working hours at his/her additional expense. The additional on-site charges are listed as follows:

$300/90 min

1) The opening hours of Codeco is between 10:00am and 6:00pm from Monday to Friday, except public holiday.
2) For each additional on-site service, the Codeco quality assurance team will provide a copy of the inspection report and on-site photos.
3) If any issue of the quality or the contractor arises after the on-site assessment, the additional on-site service charge will be exempted.
4) The platform renovation guidelines are taken as the standard of construction and acceptance for the evaluation.
5) In the event of any dispute over the standard of construction and acceptance, the decision of Codeco shall be final and conclusive.
A: The quality assurance team is equipped with extensive experience in the renovation industry, including professional site inspectors and a team of consultants made up of senior engineers and qualified persons registered with the Buildings Department for minor works.