About Codeco
A: The renovation processes are all different, and the standard of contractors within the industry may vary. It’s hard in general for an individual to see the whole picture. The Codeco team has vast knowledge in renovation and has been working closely with over 100 experienced contractors. We can swiftly match clients with the most suitable contractors according to their needs and back them up during the entire renovation process.

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答:「好師傅」的辦公室設於紅磡維港中心 1 座 401 室,用作公司營運、安排客人與師傅簽約、及師傅面試之用。客人如欲造訪「好師傅」,歡迎預約。
好師傅跟師傅是對等合作關係,平台為師傅提供一個接觸潛在客人的渠道,但師傅並非受聘於平台。 好師傅對師傅的品格及工程質素都有一定要求,因此並非每一位裝修師傅都可以加盟。
答:好師傅有完善的挑選師傅程序。 師傅加盟前,我們的「師傅專員」會對其進行面試,詳細了解其資歷、技能、專長,以及見客溝通能力,並收集師傅過往之裝修工程資料及報價項目作參考;「質檢主任」則會前往師傅的工地進行實地考察,確保工程質素合乎標準。 成功加盟的師傅會先進入試用期,可以承接局部裝修工程,工程完結後,客人對師傅的評分需達到一定水平,師傅才合資格承接更大型的工程。 完成試用期後,好師傅仍會繼續監察客人對師傅的評分,保持師傅團隊專業水平。
About quotation and project payment
答:好師傅的裝修工程配對服務,以及工程期間的平台基本服務,對客人是完全免費的。我們另設有平台升級服務,客人可自由選用。 師傅方面,好師傅會向加盟師傅收取服務費,以提供宣傳及工程支援,包括協助制訂報價單、為師傅拍攝工程後相片、檢視工程、網上及線下的推廣及宣傳等。
A: After your submission of the “ Free On-Site Quotation” form online, our Renovation Consultant will make a reply call within 24 hours to learn more about your needs and recommend contractors who match your needs. You can also contact us via the mobile app, Facebook, Whatsapp or our hotline.
A: Codeco adopted a self-service online cost estimation tool which helps clients evaluate their costs initially. However, due to the uniqueness of each renovation project (e.g. the internal partition of the unit, degree of depreciation and the renovation time permitted by the building), the contractor still has to visit the site for a more accurate quotation.

More importantly, the quality of a renovation project is not only reflected by a quotation. The contractor’s attention and attitude matter as much as the price listed on the quotation. If you allow the contractor to measure your place, get to know him/her face-to-face and let him/her explain the quotation in details, you’ll find it easier to be paired with a suitable contractor.
A: The renovation amount is paid in instalments. The first instalment is collected by Codeco, and all of the subsequent payments are made directly to the contractor. Codeco will purchase the labour insurance and the third-party insurance for the project upon the collection of the first instalment, then deduct a small percentage of the sum for retention money and service fee, and the remaining balance will be transferred to the contractor. Upon the successful completion of the project, Codeco will return the retention money to the contractor.

行內的分期方式沒有統一標準,但最常見的付款方法是分為四期,大部分於初段及中段支付,小部分於尾段支付,例如「4、3、2、1 」(即首期4成,二期3成,三期2成,尾期1成)、「4、2、3、1」及「3、3、3、1」等。首期金額通常於開工前支付,二期於泥水工程後,三期於木工/油漆工程後,尾期於完工時。另外,金額較細的小型工程,有時會採用「5、5」分期。


About service process
A: There will be enough time to contact Codeco one to two months before the commencement of the renovation project. If time is tight, we can also make special arrangements for the case and arrange a contractor for you within one week.
A: The number of working days mainly depends on conditions such as the scale of the project (a full-home or partial renovation), the project content (whether it is necessary to order custom-made furniture), the rules of the building (some do not permit renovation works during the weekend), peak season and off-season, the number of contractors involved and the time requirements of the client. In general, it takes around 70 working days for a 300-500 ft flat to be fully renovated; around 80 working days for a 500-700 ft flat, and around 90 working days for a 700-900 ft flat.
A: Codeco’s pairing mechanism works on gathering the actual needs of clients, then comparing them with our database in multiple aspects to identify the contractor or designer who best matches the requirements. Factors to consider comprises the district and location of the housing estate which the unit belongs to, the type of works, the scale, the project and the time allowed. Since 2015, Codeco has worked on more than 15,000 sets of pairing results, during which we continuously improve and evolve our data pairing logic, as well as gathering more information from the contractor. By doing this, we aim to provide more accurate and fair pairing to help clients find the most suitable team.


答:出圖一般分為平面圖,施工圖及 3D 效果圖。好師傅的合作伙伴約有 100 組,包括不同能力的師傅團隊及室內設計師,當中師傅大部份都有能力提供平面圖,讓客人了解裝修工程佈局;部份資深師傅更可提供施工圖,讓客人清楚施工詳情。至於3D 效果圖,好師傅也有師傅及室內設計師可以提供,但可能需要額外收費。詳情可以向好師傅的裝修顧問了解。



A: To ensure the quality of the works, Codeco has a quality assurance team which checks at least 20% of the ongoing platform works every week.

The site inspection personnel will perform on-site inspection at the unit to ensure that the construction quality complies with the platform’s standard, and request the contractor to fix any related problem. The client will also receive a copy of the inspection report and on-site photos. The sampling is carried out by the computer. If the renovation of a unit spans over 5 weeks, there will be at least one sampling. If it spans over 10 weeks, there will be at least two, and so on. Take a three-month project as an example, there will be two to three spot checks in total.

$300/ 90分鐘

1) 質檢團隊額外到場服務時間為星期一至五10:00 - 20:30,公眾假期除外。
2) 每次額外到現場服務,好師傅質檢團隊均會提供檢查報告和現場照片一份。
3) 如到場評估後,發現為師傅手工質量或師傅問題,本次額外到場服務費用全免。
4) 評估會以平台的裝修指引,作為施工與驗收的標準。
5) 對施工與驗收的標準的任何爭議,將由好師傅作最終判斷。
A: The quality assurance team is equipped with extensive experience in the renovation industry, including professional site inspectors and a team of consultants made up of senior engineers and qualified persons registered with the Buildings Department for minor works.