Modern minimalist interior design

The modern minimalist design bases itself on subtraction, removing unnecessary decorations and reducing visual burden. Therefore, modern minimalism features sleek lines, geometric shapes and practical furniture.

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A selection of modern minimalist cases

Hey Home, Sham Shui Po

Monochrome minimalism

The size of the flat is only 249 feet, but its simple design gives a more spacious feeling.

The design has grey and wood pattern as its key elements. The cabinet doors in grey contrast the cabinets and flooring in light wood tone to create more space at home. The beige leather sofa in the living room brightens the entire area; leather also levels it up. With industrial elements and a stone wall, the toilet looks more chic with the low-profile texture.

Designers use tungsten bulb lighting, gold geometric ornaments and plants to exquisitely balance the cool tone.Find out more >

Park Central (small-sized flat)

Greyish contemporary

A one-room flat is tiny, but it can look unique and spacious with the right colours. The designer adopts grey as the main tone and mixes it with white and beige. The overall cool tone is then balanced with big leaf houseplants for the cosy feeling.

The designer intentionally mixes various materials such as dark-coloured wood, stone, rattan and cotton linen and chooses textured cabinet surfaces to create contrast in textures. There are also some accessories such as rose gold candlesticks, sleek stone ornaments and wooden fruit bowls in the flat to reflect the flat owner’s style.Find out more >

South Horizons

Low-profile texture

The design seems simple, but there are plenty of hidden details to elevate its overall style.

The flat is principally based on a grey tone. The living room features a sleek rose champagne-coloured leather sofa and a white rug to brighten the area and add complexity to the texture. The living room is full of texture with various low-profile materials such as concrete walls, shiny coffee tables and crumpled-texture floor cabinets commonly seen in the industrial style.

Such contrast is also seen in other rooms to augment the overall style. The bedrooms play with the texture contrast of rough and smooth, and the toilet is seen with a matte black toilet bowl and sanitary wares. Find out more >

Modern minimalist design elements

Simple colour scheme

The contemporary style is often in monochrome. The designer takes the raw colour of the building materials as the main tone, then garnishes it with sharper colours. To achieve a bolder style, colours in bigger contrast can be made the focus. Otherwise, harmonious colours are used.

Sleek furniture design

The contemporary style emphasises on sleek lines and simplicity of the furniture. For instance, the sofa is often in regular shape and its seat cushions are flat instead of protruding.

For storage, the designer often hides the handles and opts for shiny or matte cabinet doors.

Decoration contour

Contour is a key feature of the contemporary style, so geometric or sleek ornaments are popular among designers. In addition to the popular contemporary hanging paintings, geometric mirrors, iron and ceramic ornaments derived from the new craft also add more layers to the home design. Besides, even if the ornaments look ordinary, the contemporary style can still be achieved with patterns such as dots and animal prints.

Material matching

For materials, the contemporary style usually features low-profile texture or smooth surface such as obscure patterns, matte or shiny surfaces. The surface is then decorated with accessories in flamboyant materials such as rugs and shiny copper mirrors to create a harmonious atmosphere.