Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines(CoDeco Edition)

There is a lack of transparent and consistent standards across the local renovation industry, and people often have varied expectation on the outcome, attributing to discrepancy between the expected and actual outcome and numerous renovation-related disputes every year.


Therefore, all projects introduced by Codeco will follow Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines (CoDeco Edition) as the standard of workflow and acceptance. The guidelines are fair and transparent, providing a common ground for clients and contractors to establish an effective cooperation relationship.

Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines (CoDeco Edition)
consists of two major parts.
1. Renovation must-know
  • Covering 15 major renovation processes, including the standard collaborative process between the client and the contractor, basic construction requirements, special items which may incur additional project costs, and other key matters which need attention.
2. Acceptance checklist
  • As an acceptance checklist for non-professionals to objectively assess the quality of works upon project completion on their own.
Version: Ver. 2.6

Updated: October 2021

External link:
The official site of the original Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines
(set out on the website of Hong Kong Arbitration Society)