About Us

About Us

Founded in 2013, Codeco is a one-stop renovation service platform.

Codeco was founded with the purpose of better managing the lengthy and painful renovation process with technology and a professional team. Codeco takes it seriously to help both sides by pairing clients up with the trusted contractors and designers.

Over the past years, Codeco assisted in the completion of more than 2,000 renovation projects with a total project value of nearly HK$400 million. Meanwhile, we have extended our scope of service from pairing and support in renovation projects to include the ecology of the industry.

This refers to the sourcing of building materials and a series of ancillary services such as loans, insurance, logistics and cleaning services. We partner with top-notch industry players to jointly establish a good business ecosystem to encourage healthy competition and eliminate black sheep of the industry.

We hope that clients, contractors, material and service providers and industrial stakeholders can be treated fairly and enjoy a win-win equilibrium through Codeco.

Our vision

Ideal life at your fingertips – transformed with synergy and smart space alteration