Nordic interior design

Since Ikea first launched in Hong Kong, there has been a Nordic trend in the city. The Nordic design is based upon the philosophy of “establishing harmony with one's environment” which emphasises on functionality, craftsmanship and simplicity. Taking in clever ideas such as delighting the flat occupants with bright colours, the Nordic style is so natural and healing that most people love it.

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A selection of Nordic design cases

South Horizons (724 sq. ft)

Dreamy pink Nordic style

In home decoration, pink has to be used with caution. Otherwise, the space would look totally like a kid’s bedroom. In this case, the designer successfully blends the pink tone into the minimalist Nordic style, offering the flat a playful touch without being childish.

Keeping the space simple and bright is the most important principle when choosing furniture. To make sure all colours go well without the bright ones appearing aggressive, the designer applies horizontal separation, a rare technique, on the wall. The designer also places rough wooden decorations in different locations of the flat to make it more sophisticated.Find out more >

Laguna City, Lam Tin (3 rooms)

Nordic x Contemporary style

Combining the Nordic and contemporary style in the design, the flat is seen with more possibilities.

The flat is set in natural colours, featuring mustard dining furniture and a green sofa as the key items and setting pale green as the main tone of the open kitchen with the cabinets. Contemporary elements such as a matte finish, hidden handles and marble cabinet walls are found in the furniture design.

The walls of the kid’s bedroom are more creatively designed with mustard in the lower half, rainbow prints and patterned wallpapers to cater for children. The kid’s bedroom features wooden platforms and beds and is decorated with ornaments such as a ceramic cactus to embody the Nordic style.Find out more >

Mei Foo Sun Chuen

Refreshing and minimalist Nordic style

The flat is principally decorated with white walls and light wood tone, demonstrating an elegant Nordic style. The dining room features orange dining furniture and a few potted plants, an interesting contrast to the overall colourful setting, to invigorate the area. The TV set situated in the living room is seen with a few minimalist decorations to accentuate the design. Geometric metal chandeliers hang from the ceiling in the living room.

The study room is also decorated with massive wood elements to create a natural and relaxing ambience. Window blinds are used so as to allow more daylight into the home. Collectables are displayed in open cabinets and racks to enhance the intellectual vibe. Find out more >

Nordic design elements

Bright colour scheme

Due to the geographical environment and influenced by the artistic development, the Nordic design weighs heavily on the lighting, harmony with the nature, craftsmanship and functionality.

The designer leverages the Nordic light penetration design to bring more natural light in the flat. More bright colours are used indoors to accommodate the same. The designer first sets the main tone with light colours such as light wood, white or beige, then has it adorned by bold colours for the contrast.

Natural materials

Due to the innate geographical characteristics, the Scandinavian has developed a design philosophy which integrates the nature. Apart from leveraging natural light in the design, the materials used in the furniture and the inspirations often come from the nature. Nordic style furniture is often seen in wood elements, and green potted plants, especially those with big leaves, are common items for home decoration. Animal style home ornaments are also popular.

Craftsman-style furniture

The Nordic design movement has shifted its design focus to craftsmanship and functionality. Therefore, a sense of craftsmanship in its furniture and decoration is essential. Examples are fabric furniture such as fabric sofa and carpets, and ceramic ornaments such as vases. Furniture design often embodies sleek lines which demonstrates the designer’s expertise.