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CoDECO has gained customers' trust by fulfilling commitments for 10 years.
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5 Guarantees

Client Support
Completion Guarantee
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Contractor Pairing & Vetting

  • Each contractor is vetted.
  • Unlimited free pairing.
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Timely Moving-in & Project Recovery

  • 97% timely project completion with delay compensation.
    The household has the right to demand compensation from the contracted party at market rent. The compensation amount is calculated on the basis of market rent of the flat or actual expenditure in accommodation, whichever is lower, and is capped at 10% of the total project cost.
  • Take over unfinished projects and cover any extra costs incurred.
    If no significant progress is recorded after 2 weeks in the unit under renovation and the renovation is deemed impossible to be completed within a reasonable period, CoDECO will arrange for another renovation company to take over the project. Any project amount difference incurred (according to the items listed in the original contract, not including items subsequently added to it) will be at CoDECO's expense. Terms and conditions apply.
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QC Acceptance by Consistent Standards

  • 3 rounds of free on-site acceptance check.
    Only applicable to full renovation works at HKD100,000 or above. The free acceptance check is carried out by a specialist in 3 rounds to ensure that the plumbing, plastering and all works have met the standard.
  • Fully comply with Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines.
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Price Review & Escrow

  • Review quotations to ensure reasonably priced.
  • The project fee will only be transferred to the contractor upon quality acceptance.
    Only applicable to full renovation works at HKD100,000 or above. The free acceptance check is carried out by a specialist in 3 rounds to ensure that the plumbing, plastering and all works have met the standard.
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Customer Support & Progress Tracking

  • Expert group troubleshooting assistance.
  • Progress tracking via mobile app.
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CoDECO finds you the right contractor to complete your home renovation works, through guarantees, technology and caring services.

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Since 2013, more than 4,000 renovations have been completed by CoDECO, in a total of over HKD800 million, including home renovation, interior design and office renovation.
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CoDECO's customers have one thing in common. They wish to live better through interior design and home renovation.


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CoDECO is the 1st renovation platform in Hong Kong and is well received by the media. Reporters often seek our professional advice on renovation works. Our interior design or home renovation projects appear from time to time in various home design programmes.

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At our Experience Centre, we understand your remodeling needs. We provide suitable decoration suggestions, guide you in selecting finishing materials, and help you avoid common mistakes.

Experience Centre

One-stop decoration planning: Expert advice on both construction and finishing materials.
12/F, Eastern Central Plaza, 3 Yiu Hing Road, Shau Kei Wan

Renovation Cost Calculator

Whether you're planning to renovate or to redecorate your home, the cost calculator can give you a preliminary budget for your renovation project.
Saleable area (sq. ft.)
Number of rooms
Number of bathrooms
Total project estimates
$ 32-41 萬

Use Cost Calculator Pro
*This cost calculator provides an average market cost estimated based on the items you have selected. As every project is different and is subject to various factors, such as unit spacing, building structure and project details, the contractor still has to visit the site for a more accurate quotation.


In addition to home remodeling, home design, and furniture, CoDECO also provides building inspection, commercial decoration, office renovation, and renovation materials to meet your different needs.
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Smart Renovation Management

Search for design inspiration, select reliable constructor, track and manage your renovation project on the go.

Renovation Offers

CoDECO Renovation Platform provides discounts on various home designs, decoration and home services for you.
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Renovation Knowledge

Your renovation encyclopedia for home renovation and interior design.
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What is CoDECO? Is CoDECO a renovation company?

CoDECO is a renovation platform which offers constructor pairing and support in renovation and interior design projects. On one hand, we protect the household from unfinished projects, low quality works and unreasonable surcharges. On the other hand, we formulate industrial standards and provide dedicated project support to allow excellent contractors to reach out to more household and commercial clients.

How does CoDECO charge and run their business?

CoDECO provides clients with renovation pairing service and basic project support free of charge. If you wish to have more frequent on-site inspections, progress reporting and live viewing of the acceptance process on top of the free basic services, CoDECO's “Weekly inspection and acceptance assurance” scheme would be a good fit. For the partnering contractors, CoDECO will charge a service fee. Since our contractors can rely on us for stable projects leveraging on their expertise, they will be more motivated to perform renovation works for CoDECO's clients.

How do I know if my project is within the service scope of CoDECO?

CoDECO's business scope mainly covers full-house renovation, major partial renovation and interior design projects over HKD50,000, matching the needs of most households. You can talk to our Renovation Consultants about your needs and let us recommend the most fitted renovation/design solutions, realising your renovation aspirations step by step!

Why would I need CoDECO's help in finding a contractor or an interior designer?

CoDECO will pair your requirements with contractors with relevant expertise. There is no limit of using the pairing service, so you can find the best match at ease!

If the client looks for a contractor on their own, they can't rely on the short meeting with the contractor to determine their work quality, and they can only rely on luck for a good surprise! If the client searches for a contractor via CoDECO, we will help screen the contractor from a professional perspective. The contractor shall also follow the work guidelines we set up to guarantee the project quality. Upon project completion, we will invite households to evaluate the work, where the rating will directly affect any future pairing opportunities of the contractor. This initiative will help safeguard the project quality.

How should I start my renovation or interior design project?

You can start browsing the 4,000+ successful cases for inspirations in renovation or design, or you may want to read our articles for more renovation information. You can also leverage our online cost estimation tool to briefly understand the market price and plan your budget. You could encounter many questions in the process of planning, don't forget that you can always consult our Renovation Consultants! We will help you plan along for the best solutions.