100% Renovation Completion Guarantee

  • CoDECO helps you streamline your design and renovation process
  • with our all-rounded guarantee system, ensuring timely moving in
  • and offering you greater renovation protection.

5 Guarantees:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • On-time
  • Contractors’ professionalism
  • Client Support


Contractor pairing and vetting

  • Select the best contractor from 3,300 cases until you find the right one.
  • 7% acceptance rate – Each contractor is vetted and selected from hundreds of applicants, to ensure they are the best-in-class.


Price review and escrow

  • We provide free on-site measurement, review quotation from the contractor and ensure that the price is reasonable.
  • The escrow project fee is transferred to the contractor upon acceptance to reduce risk of unfinished projects.


QC acceptance and project recovery

  • 3 rounds of free on-site acceptance testing to guarantee project quality.
  • Taking over projects with failure risk and covering the extra project costs.


On-time completion and compensation

  • 97% on-time completion.
  • Compensation of market rent for project delay.


Extensive customer service support

  • Professional troubleshooting assistance from specialists.
  • Renovation and material tips.

Find a Contractor

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* Your dedicated Renovation Consultant will contact you via WhatsApp before scheduling a call for the details.
* The service of CoDECO focused mainly on full renovation. The home maintenance service or minor works under $50,000 are not our main business scope. Therefore, the quotation of above maintenance service may not meet your expectation. We recommend you to compare quotation from other contractors as reference first.


Special Offers



Since 2013, more than 3,300 renovation projects have been completed by CoDECO, resulting in a total project value of over HKD700 million. The project types include full and partial renovation, interior design and commercial remodelling.
CoDECO provides clients with renovation pairing service and basic project support for free. Clients can also subscribe to our paid premium service in project support.

Regarding contractors, CoDECO will charge the partnering contractors for a service fee in promotion and support of renovation works and design, including assisting in quotation formulation, drawings, project inspection, post-renovation photo-taking, and online and offline promotions.
All projects introduced by CoDECO will adopt Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines (CoDECO webpage edition) as the standard of acceptance. The Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines, jointly developed by Hong Kong Arbitration Society, HKBIA and CoDECO, are neutral, fair, open to the public and can be widely adopted in applicable projects.
No. CoDECO is a platform which offers pairing service and support in renovation and interior design projects. On one hand, we protect the household from unfinished projects, poor works and unreasonable additional fees. On the other hand, our professional team helps excellent contractors reach out to more commercial and household clients with our industrial standard formulation and project support.
Any contractor, renovation company, home design company and interior design company must pass rounds of screening, including background checks, asset review, project management competency assessments and quality examination of existing projects, and submit a security deposit before joining the platform. Newly-joined companies will also have to pass the probation before they can undertake full-house renovation projects.

For contractors who are already working with us, we continuously monitor their performance through project quality control, clients’ feedback and multiple project data.
CoDECO and the contractor are in a reciprocal partnership. The platform offers a channel for contractors to reach out to potential clients, but the contractors are not employed by CoDECO.