Muji-inspired interior design

The simple design of Muji brand has impressed many, which has also inspired the Muji-style renovation. The aesthetic concept of the Muji-inspired design is “just right”, which conveys a satisfaction brought by cherishing the current state without looking for more. Therefore, the Muji-inspired interior design is often simple and practical without excessive decorations, where the design is brought back to the basics.

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A selection of Muji-inspired cases

The Belcher's, Pok Fu Lam

Modern Zen

The wide use of wood furniture to create a natural comfort is one of the main pillars of the Muji-inspired design.

The dining room of this flat features dark wooden benches and bookcases, whereas the light wood Muji tone has twisted the sensation a bit. The flat is refreshed by the plants in the living room and potted bamboo placed by the windowsill.

The designer adds a Japanese sliding door in transparent Vinyl bricks to separate the playroom and the corridors, which is a unique existence among all the wooden items. There are also calligraphy works and hanging paintings along the corridor outside the playroom, adding elegance to the place.Find out more >

City One Shatin

Muji style in earth tone

The dining room in white and light wood tone allows more natural light into the flat, which is also refreshed by the big leaf houseplant. Hanging paintings, photos and stuffed toys in the living room also make it more lively.

Decorated in different shades of brown as a contrast to the white and light wood tone of the flat, the bedroom appears more calming and relaxing. The bedside is decorated with round brass pendants, a round mirror and chandeliers as well as a wooden clock and dried flowers to demonstrate the craftsmanship.Find out more >

Muji-inspired design elements

Natural light tones

A Muji-inspired home values the nature, so the flat leverages natural light to create a bright home. To make full use of the natural light, the designer chooses white walls and wooden flooring as the main tone, accompanied by furniture in light wood tone for a brighter view. Besides, the Muji-inspired home is decorated with wooden furniture and green potted plants to create a natural touch.

Refined texture

Comfort is another key element of the Muji-inspired design, so the furniture is often in smooth and refined texture such as cotton linen to create a comfortable home in various textures.

Unique storage ideas

Storage is a key feature of Muji; cabinets and shelves are key elements of the Muji-inspired style. Muji-inspired design often features shelves with a particular emphasis on regular ones. Items which need to be hidden will be put in storage boxes in the same colour for a consistent tone.

Crossover with the Nordic style

The “people-oriented” philosophy is shared by both Muji-inspired and Nordic styles, where simplicity is the focus. The simplicity of the Muji-inspired style derives from “nothingness”, a concept of Japanese aesthetics with a bit of zen, whereas the simplicity of the Nordic style is based on functionality. Apart from that, the Muji-inspired design may involve Japanese elements such as tatami and wood frame sofa. Its overall colour scheme differs from that of the Nordic style too. The Muji-inspired style features soft colours, particularly warm original wood colours, whereas the Nordic style features a bigger contrast in colours with the main tone set at cool colours. The two styles work harmoniously together. If you like both styles, you may consider combining the two.