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Team of professionals to follow up, provide support and resolve any conflicts.

Standardised quotations with detailed breakdowns. Information such as dates of payment, work schedule and warranty period are included to protect clients.

Project progress are recorded and reported to you with photos regularly to make sure the project is on track.

Recruited only after interviewing and vetting. Under-performing builders will be removed. 100 current builder teams.

The Old Way

Clients will have to communicate with contractors on their own and are often faced with jargons and technicalities with no one to ask.

No standard of practice in quotations. Some are handwritten, opaque and lack of details to provide assurances.

Contractors are responsible for their own QC and progress check. Dilemma in case of delays.

Performance and work ethics vary due to lack of regulation in the industry. It’s all down to luck to meet a good contractor.