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400 - 550(1T #)
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*The above costs only include labour and basic materials (such as plumbing, electrical wiring, plaster, sand, waterproofing materials, etc.), and do not include custom-made furniture, tiles and decor (i.e., materials purchased by the client during renovation and installed by the contractor, including tiles, sanitary ware (toilets, faucets, shower screens, etc.), doors (including frames and locks), hardware, etc.).
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Traditional renovation journey
Free pairing until you've got a match
Pre-screening to ensure contractor's work quality
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No clue on where to find a trustworthy contractor
The result depends on luck!
Review contractor's quotation to ensure that items are reasonably priced
Payment escrow for project fee to be transferred upon acceptance
Only applicable to full renovation works at HKD100,000 or above. The free acceptance check is carried out by a specialist in 3 rounds to ensure that the plumbing, plastering and all works have met the standard.
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Possible to fall into traps in quoting
Prepayment in large amount implies great risks in project unfulfillment
3 rounds of free on-site acceptance check (may upgrade to weekly inspection and acceptance scheme)
Only applicable to full renovation works at HKD100,000 or above. For more details on "Weekly inspection and acceptance assurance" scheme, please click here.

Fully comply with Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines as the consistent standards for projects
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Process is untransparent, making it hard to reveal any potential problems
No consistent project standards
97% timely project completion with delay compensation
The household has the right to demand compensation from the contracted party at market rent. The compensation amount is calculated on the basis of market rent of the flat or actual expenditure in accommodation, whichever is lower, and is capped at 10% of the total project cost.

CoDECO will take over unfinished projects and cover any extra costs incurred
If no significant progress is recorded after 2 weeks in the unit under renovation and the renovation is deemed impossible to be completed within a reasonable period, CoDECO will arrange for another renovation company to take over the project. Any project amount difference incurred (according to the items listed in the original contract, not including items subsequently added to it) will be at CoDECO's expense. Terms and conditions apply.
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Probability of delay is 50% on average
Bear risks of unfinished projects on one's own
Expert group troubleshooting assistance
Progress tracking via CoDECO mobile app
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Have to rely on oneself whenever problems happen
Monitor construction progress on one's own
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No Hidden Fees. Unlimited Pairing.