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After receiving the key from the property developer, the flat owner will hire a building inspector to inspect the new flat. After the inspection, the owner will then submit the inspection report to the developer to arrange rectification. When all rectification works are completed by the developer, we can arrange another inspection to ensure that the works are up to standard.
Why choose our building inspection services?

Our building inspectors detect hollow bricks, hollow plastering, bumpy paint, water supply, power supply, leakage and other issues with their professional tools

Our specialists explain the areas needing rectification works for the entire flat and take photos for record

We indicate the location of defects or damage with memos, which is clear and easy to understand

We provide professional acceptance reports

We provide additional scanning service of water seepage spots in aged buildings (by a high definition infrared camera)

We provide additional water seepage detection service in aged buildings (by a microwave humidity sensor)

The scope of the inspection includes:
Living room, dining room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, servant room, storage room, main toilet, guest toilet, kitchen, balcony, window facade
Building inspection services include:
Aluminum window inspection
We investigate the water seepage issue with an electric high pressure water spray gun; check the glass against any obvious defects such as bubbles, dark spots, scratches and cloudiness; check the window frames and accessories (including window hinges, handles, sealing strips, studs, screws and bolts) to see if they are securely installed and perform smoothly.
Electrical appliance inspection
We test the electrical appliances within the building such as air conditioners, washing machines, range hoods, fans and water heaters to see if they function properly.
Power inspection
We test wire connections to see if they are installed properly; check sockets, switches and other outlets to see if they are securely installed and function properly.
Water supply inspection
We check the water inlet and outlet connection points of the entire flat (including bathroom, kitchen and balcony) against water seepage; test faucets, bathtubs, washbasins, sinks and toilets to see if the water inlet and outlet works well; examine the floor steepness for water drainage to see if it is steep enough to allow for a smooth drainage flow.
Wall exterior finish inspection
We examine the quality of wall exterior plastering by tapping to see if there are any hollow bricks; observe from a 1-metre distance to check if the paint is even and if streaks, bumps, stains or drip marks exist; check if the wall is well painted and if the finishing of skirting, light troughs, ceilings, door frames and electric switches is smooth.
Brick quality inspection
We examine the quality of wall exterior and floor tiles by tapping to see if hollow bricks exist; observe if there are any obvious lipping, chipped and cracked tiles; check if the tiles are evenly installed without lipping; check if the tiles are fully grouted.
Bespoke furniture inspection
We check if the bespoke furniture (including kitchen and bathroom cabinets) is securely installed; check if the hinges and slides of cabinets and drawers work smoothly; check if the bespoke furniture is seamlessly connected with the wall, ceilings, countertops; check if the finish has any crack.
Door inspection
We examine if the main door and bedroom doors are installed and function properly; check if the locks and accessories (including hinges, door closer, lock body, handles, security locks, peephole, screws) function properly; check if there are any major defects on the door surface.
Wooden floor inspection
We check if there are any visible marks on the wooden floor surface; check if there are any gaps between the floor and subfloor which makes a squeaking noise; check if the wooden floor is well installed.
Formaldehyde air rapid test
We test the air quality in the flat against the volume of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds.
Tools for building inspection
Hollow brick detector, electrical tester, high pressure water spray gun, torch, measuring tape, level measuring ruler, water buckets, marbles, telescopic ladder, telescopic inspection mirror, thermometer, formaldehyde detector, metal detector, memo pad

Two items are added to the pre-owned building inspection services. The building inspector will use a microwave humidity sensor and a high definition infrared camera to scan the water seepage spots and detect the seepage level.
Building inspection fees:
New building inspection (including flats under Home Ownership Scheme)*: HKD4.00 per sq. ft. (calculated in saleable area)

Pre-owned building inspection**: HKD5.00 per sq. ft. (calculated in saleable area)
There is a minimum charge of HKD2,000 in our building inspection services. Any balance below HKD2,000 will be charged at HKD2,000.

Re-inspection fee: HKD800

* Group offers for our new building inspection services available. If you’re interested, please call 5507 5535 to learn more.
** Pre-owned building inspection services are applicable to buildings aged 50 years or below. Any building aged 50 years or above will be quoted separately.