Luxury feel interior design

The luxury design can be classified as contemporary, Western and Chinese, reflecting the style of the flat owner and adding elegance to the flat. Chinese and Western luxury designs differ from the contemporary luxury style in the use of classic elements. Examples of classic Western elements are carved frames, marbles and gold linings, whereas embroidery, redwood furniture and wood carving are several classic Chinese elements.

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A selection of luxury cases

Caribbean Coast, Tung Chung

Brass contemporary luxury design

The designer interprets luxury in a contemporary way. Leaving out the European yarn, the designer opts for plenty of mirrors, metal and marbles for the luxurious style. Ready-made furniture such as marble dining tables and plush sofa can also take the style to another level. The living room leverages suspended ceiling lightings to create a more spacious interior.

The toilet design is rather low-profile, featuring spotlights and a round copper-frame mirror to create a classy feeling. The surfaces are relatively rough, which toned down the glamour but brought more sophistication.Find out more >

The Wings, Tseung Kwan O

Low-profile luxury with class

Luxury doesn’t always have to be loud. Low-profile luxury is indeed more welcomed by flat owners. The flat has a soft tone made up with white, beige and almond, adorned with gold. There is a marble wall on one side of the living room and a big TV cabinet in white gloss finish on the other side. The entire space is embellished in gold linings. Bold geometric lightings are used to accentuate the glamour of the crystal chandelier. Find out more >

Park Yoho, Yuen Long

A resplendence sensation

The flat owner’s style is fully demonstrated with the crystal chandeliers, gold cabinet lightings, and the display cabinet for wine and ornaments. The primary bedroom is seen with luxury when the headboard is covered in navy plush and turquoise lining and gold embroidery design by the side. There is also a gold patterned painting for decoration. Find out more >

Luxury design elements

Glamourous colour scheme asd

The luxury feel places more emphasis on contemporary elements than monochrome shades as the main tone, while classic luxury styles have it their own way.

Classic Western design features beige and almond as the main tone, whereas classic Chinese design features dark wood or redwood as the materials and jade white as the main tone. Whether the design is Chinese or Western, gold is an important element in creating a sense of luxury.

Smooth materials

In terms of materials, the luxury style often features reflective and smooth materials. The contemporary luxury feel could feature mirror or shiny surfaces. Marble and velvet are classic Western elements, whereas embroidery and silk are classic Chinese ones. Materials of matte and stone surface can be used to optimise the overall luxury feel.

Flamboyant lightings

In terms of lightings, spacious area and ornate lightings all belong to luxury. The ceiling height of flats in Hong Kong are generally not high, so designers often construct suspended ceiling lightbox to visually stretch the ceiling height. When using flamboyant lightings such as crystal chandeliers, you will have to consider the ratio of the lighting and the ceiling height to the flat. If the ceiling height doesn’t allow the installation of chandeliers, you may consider using smaller geometric lightings.