Happy ValleyRonsdale Garden

Saleable Area 692ft2 | Budgets HK$ 445,760

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> Removing all door frames, floor tiles, skirting and brick walls

> Removing all furniture and debris

> Removing existing paint, applying damp proof latex paint and patching for walls and ceilings of living room and bedrooms

> Setting up a new set of main switch panel and residual current device (RCD)

> Installing new copper water supply pipes (for hot & cold water) and PVC drain pipes in kitchen and bathroom

> Plastering and paving tiles for walls and floor of kitchen and bathroom

> Plastering and paving tiles for floor and skirting of living room and bedrooms

> Paving wall tiles for TV unit

> Establishing brick walls and applying double-sided plastering for cloakroom and guest room

> Tanking for floor and wall of bathroom

> Installing bathtubs, bricklaying, fitting plaster stop and paving tiles for bathroom

> Repairing ceiling holes in living room and bedroom

> Establishing stone mirror cabinet with washbasin in bathroom

> Installing hanging cabinet with under-cabinet LED strip lighting and marble cabinet surface

> Installing doors for bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen (installation fee included)

> Installing aluminium false ceiling (coated in white) in kitchen and bathroom

> Installing light troughs for cloakroom and foyer ceiling

> Checking, reinforcing and replacing rusty window hinges for entire flat

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