Ma WanPark Island

Saleable Area 583ft2 | Budgets HK$ 349,900



  1. Removing old lightings, furniture, doors with frame in entire flat
  2. Removing old wall and floor tiles of kitchen and bathroom
  3. Removing floor tiles and skirting for living room, bedroom and stairs
  4. Paving new floor tiles for kitchen and bathroom
  5. Plastering and paving wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom
  6. Paving floor tiles with skirting for 2 bedrooms and 1 living room
  7. Removing existing paint, applying damp proof latex paint and patching for walls and ceilings of entire flat
  8. Installing sockets and in-wall pipes for entire flat
  9. Replacing all water pipes (hot & cold) of kitchen with fittings
  10. Replacing all copper water pipes (hot & cold) of bathroom with fittings
  11. Installing washbasin, toilet, water tap and shower tap in bathroom
  12. Shifting the position of fuse and circuit breakers
  13. Building 2 new high wardrobes for middle room
  14. Building a cabinet for middle room
  15. Setting up hydraulic bed from the ground with stair cabinets for master room
  16. Setting up cabinets with fireproof plate for kitchen and bathroom
  17. Basic protection for entire flat
  18. Basic cleaning for entire flat after renovation

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