Kwai ChungEdition 178

Saleable Area 322ft2 | Budgets HK$ 198,090

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> Removing the original kitchen cabinet door

> Removing existing paint, applying damp proof latex paint and patching for walls and ceilings of two rooms

> Building attic with I beam in living room

> Establishing swing-door wardrobe, cabinet, floor and headboard for master room

> Installing high TV cabinet set, stair cabinet, shoe cabinet and bookshelves in living room

> Protection of floor and air-conditioning during the project

> Basic cleaning after completion

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* The service of CoDECO focused mainly on full renovation. The home maintenance service or minor works under $50,000 are not our main business scope. Therefore, the quotation of above maintenance service may not meet your expectation. We recommend you to compare quotation from other contractors as reference first.

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