Yuen LongLo Uk Tsuen

Saleable Area 450ft2 | Budgets HK$ 373,680



  1. Removing floor tiles, skirting, doors and furniture for entire flat
  2. Removing walls and floor tiles, brick walls and sanitary appliances for bathroom
  3. Removing brick walls of the stair by entrance and master room
  4. Removing existing paint, applying damp proof latex paint and patching for walls and ceilings of entire flat
  5. Building sockets, supplying and installing electrical service panel
  6. Installing shower cubicle and water supply pipes (for hot & cold water) and drain pipes for washbasins in bathroom
  7. Wiping cement and paving floor tiles for dining room, bedrooms and kitchen
  8. Wiping cement and paving floor tiles and walls for bathroom and kitchen
  9. Creating Elbow pipe fitting and plastering brick walls for bathroom
  10. Installing shower cubicle tray and applying three layers of waterproof bottom paint
  11. Creating Elbow pipe fitting and plastering brick walls for master room
  12. Installing shoe cabinet at the entrance
  13. Creating extra tall wardrobe and raised floor for master room
  14. Installing transformer bed set with bookshelf, hanging cabinet and wardrobe in study room
  15. Creating woodtone joints, featured ceilings and spotlights for corridor
  16. Installing doors with frame for master room, study room and bathroom
  17. Establishing TV base cabinet and tall side cabinet for living room
  18. Setting up mirror cabinet, washstands and washbasin for bathroom
  19. Establishing hanging and base cabinets at kitchen door

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