The CoDeco Team

CoDeco has different teams of professionals and a well-established structure to provide all-round clients supports.
From the vettings and matchings of contractors to project facilitation, our teams work tirelessly to make sure that you are at ease.

Renovation Consultants

  1. Provide advices on how renovations can be done
  2. Match contractors and arrange on-site quotations base on clients’ needs
  3. Provide independent opinions on quotations to make sure the price and terms are reasonable.

Technical Support Officers

  1. Facilitate communications between clients and contractors
  2. Keep tracks of renovation progresses
  3. Collect feedback from clients to improve service standards

Quality Assurance Officers

  1. Carry out site inspections to assure project qualities
  2. Provide independent opinions on any disputes between clients and contractors

Partners Management Officers

  1. Arrange interviews and carefully screen contractors
  2. Regularly review existing contractors to ensure the qualities of their projects