Online Renovation Expo Flash Promotion

CoDeco Online Renovation Expo Flash Promotion! From 16 November until 22 November 2020, users who successfully register for CoDeco’s Renovation project and sign the project contract can enjoy up to HK$2000 CocoMall cash coupons. CoCoMall renovation material experts have selected some home appliances to suit your new home moving-in and needs!

Renovation Amount and Corresponding Cocomall Cash Coupon

  • $100,000 - $150,000:Enjoy $800 CoCoMall Cash Coupon
  • $150,001 - $250,000:Enjoy $1,200 CoCoMall Cash Coupon
  • $250,001 or above:Enjoy $2,000 CoCoMall Cash Coupon

Exclusive for CoDeco Customers to buy CoCoMall selected products at discount price:

CoCoMall Flash Sale

Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer is only applicable to CoDeco’s clients who register the home renovation project between 16 Nov to 22 Nov 2020 and sign a contract before 31 Dec 2020 to enjoy the offer. Client cannot join “Home Ownership Scheme Home Moving-In Giveaway” promotion or in conjunction with other promotion offers. Each CoDeco’s client can enjoy the offer once only.
  2. When calculating the project amount to determine the corresponding cash coupon, CoDeco will take into account all changes in the project cost (if any) caused by the project during the project period. The minimum project amount is HK$100,000. The cash coupon can only be used for once and cannot be refunded. 
  3. Customers need to become CoDeco’s client to purchase selected home products at discounted prices. The number of selected home products is limited, and the discounted price is only available from 16 November to 22 November 2020. If the product is out-of-stock or price changes from suppliers, CoDeco will charge the latest price. If there is a need to install additional accessories, an additional fee will be charged. The above price does not include the delivery fee. Photos are for reference only.
  4. The CoCoMall cash coupon can only be used on CoCoMall.HK. The client can enter the coupon code to redeem the purchase amount after choosing his/her products. The cash coupon can only be used for once and cannot be exchanged for cash. If the amount of the cash coupon is greater than the client’s consumption amount, the difference will not be refunded.
  5. In the event of any termination of the project, the CoCoMall cash coupon will be terminated. CoCoMall cash coupon will be given to clients within 2 weeks 1) upon signing the project contract and 2) after paying the first deposit.
  6. The coupon code of the CoCoMall cash coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other CoCoMall discount codes or other CoCoMall coupon codes. If the item ordered by the client is not displayed on the CoCoMall.HK website, there is the opportunity that the entire ordering process will be performed offline, but the CoCoMall cash coupon can still be applied.
  7. The CoCoMall cash coupon is valid for 6 months upon its issuance.
  8. Before joining the promotion, please refer to CoDeco’s privacy policy.  
  9. Clients must completely exempt Facebook from responsibility. The promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.
  10. CoDeco reserves the rights to change the promotion details without any further notice. In case of any dispute arising from this promotion, the decision of CoDeco and CoCoMall shall be final.