OneDegree x CoDeco Fire Insurance 20% Cash Rebate

First mortgage and Second mortgage must-have for Homeowners
Best Price Guarantee - As low as HKD 400/year*

Most banks require homeowners to take out fire coverage before approving a mortgage. CoDeco has partnered with OneDegree, the first TechInsurer authorized to operate as a virtual general insurer in Hong Kong, to offer 20% cash rebate on fire insurance for CoDeco’s customers, helping customers save up to thousands of dollars in policy premiums every year.

From 9 April until 30 June 2021, CoDeco’s customers who purchase OneDegree fire insurance through designated webpage and enter referral code “CODECO” upon checkout can enjoy 20% cash rebate for fire insurance. OneDegree will inform your lender about your policy switch, and lender will send you a notice once your new policy is confirmed. You will get 20% rebate to your credit card account within 3 months’ of the policy start date.

OneDegree charges a fixed rate of 0.03% of the sum insured annually, that’s significantly lower than other insurers in the market, with the most expensive plan charging 0.15%. OneDegree insures from HKD 500,000 to HKD 50,000,000 with a minimum premium set at HKD 400/year. The fire insurance provides comprehensive coverage which covers damages caused by fire, flood, lightning, boiler or gas explosion. OneDegree helps you switch coverage painlessly and regain consumer autonomy!

How to Purchase OneDegree Fire Insurance?

Step 1: Homeowners complete the policy application via the designated link (, and enter the referral code [CODECO] in the form.
Step 2: OneDegree will inform the bank about the policy switch.
Step 3: Policyholders will get 20% cash rebate to their credit card account within 3 months’ of policy start date

For more information, please visit OneDegree’s website or hotline 28869892 for enquiry.

*Terms and Conditions:

1. This promotion is valid from 9 April to 30 June 2021 (“Promotion Period”). 
2. To enjoy the 20% Cash Rebate on Fire Insurance (“Offer”), underwritten by OneDegree Hong Kong Limited (“OneDegree”), customers must enter “CODECO” as the referral code and complete policy purchase using the designated webpage ( within the Promotion Period. Any failure in doing so will result in loss if discount and no refunds shall be arranged afterwards.
3. Customers who successfully purchase a policy using the Offer during the Promotion Period, and whose policy is still effective as of 30 June 2021, will receive 20% Cash Rebate (“Offer”). Customers will get a 20% Cash Rebate to their credit card account within 3 months of the policy start date.
4. The Offer is only applicable to a policy’s first year premium.
5. The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
6. The cash rebate cannot be transferred, returned, exchanged for cash or exchanged for other products or services under any circumstances.
7. For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions of Fire Insurance, please refer to the policy wording.
8. All matters or disputes in relation to the promotion and the interpretation of terms and conditions shall be subject to the decision of OneDegree, which shall be final and binding.
9. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.